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We mainly develop and produce products for Infrastructure and Underground purposes. However, we have a broad range of innovations in other fields.
Zweva Engineering Access Chamber 1

Access Chambers

Our range of plastic access chambers is suitable for use in Gas, Water, Electricity and Telecommunications Networks. Access to underground plant is of prime importance to network operators to facilitate repair or upgrade to systems.

Our designs have been derived from years of research into primary use and long-term performance of existing infrastructures. It is from this research that the “Z” TwinWall range was conceived.

“Z” Boxes are fit for purpose by design, they are structures in their own right and need no additional installation materials such as concrete to meet performance load classification B125 according to EN 124**. The range comprises Z1 to Z10 in sizes and depths to meet all of your pavement/sidewalk requirements.

Twin Wall design provides built in strength and load bearing capabilities.

Robust, high strength, impact resistance and side load stability.

Modular concept, duct entries and connectors to customer specification.

Lightweight, easy to handle, cost effective transport and installation.

Zweva Engineering HHZ Closure 1

Underground Closures

Zweva have now embarked upon the development of a low cost underground access system to be used in the construction of telecommunications systems to deliver Fibre to the User (FTTU). This product allows the cost effective protection of Optical Fibre joints in a direct buried environment within the network. This system has been engineered to interface with both conventional duct systems and Blown Fibre micro tube systems.

Twin wall design provides built in strength and load bearing capabilities

Low upfront investment.

Modular, upgradable, extendible.

Direct buried “Clean Room” housing.

Zweva Engineering Battery Box 1

Watertight Boxes

During the deployment of CableTV/ Telecommunications networks it became necessary to provide battery back up in the event of mains electricity failure. It also became a requirement to locate such batteries outside existing roadside cabinet locations. Thus the Zweva range of Battery Boxes was developed to provide a protected underground environment to house the back-up batteries.

A dual skin watertight structural product for placement alongside the cabinet and a single skin box where batteries can be place in the void in the base of a cabinet. These are further examples of Zweva providing engineered solutions to its customer’s problems.

Longer battery life due to less temperature fluctuations.

Waterproof, protected against immersion in water.

Exceptional resistant to weathering, freeze/thaw cycles and chemicals

Durable, maintenance free long lasting, utility approved.

Zweva Engineering Tank 1


One of Zweva’s most ambitious venture has been to develop a TwinWall Tank. By application of Zweva’s Patented Twin Wall Technology, Zweva have produced a Tank-in-Tank one piece structure, providing leak free safe storage for water, oil / petroleum products and chemicals.

Our Tanks are virtually indestructible with high stiffness and impact strength; they are corrosion resistant and maintenance free. Our Tanks are lightweight, easy to handle and therefore facilitate quick and easy, cost effective installation.

Safe storage water, fuel oil, chemicals.

Guaranteed quality, Approved reliability.

Twin Wall Technology, Unique patented design.

Inbuilt strength and security.

Custom Products.

Although we have a wide range of products for sale, not everything is showed above. Sometimes, our imagination and interest runs outside the standard categories. They are worth mentioning though; feel free to explore some projects that capture your attention.


Zweva Engineering Piqo Windmill 1

Piqo Windmill

Zweva Environment Z-Bin


Zweva Engineering Maxykit


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