Developing tomorrow's infrastructure.

Due to our flexible and experienced team, we are able to develop products and innovations in a small time frame. We listen, work hard and always deliver quality products. A Zweva product is guaranteed to survive in though circumstances. We are dedicated to develop durable and smart products that serve the needs of all stakeholders.

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Drawing Table

First things first. Together with our clients, we analyze the situation and determine the specific requirements. The product development starts with a lot of ideas and sketches to incorporate all requirements in one product.

Embodiment & Simulation

During the next phase, we develop 3D Models and prototypes to test and optimize our concept. With a combination of experience and Simulation tools, we are able to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses in the design and make iterations till it is ready for production.

Production & Quality Control

We pay close attention to details and quality, and we periodically put the produced products to a test. Since a lot of products are designed for infrastructure, the quality is very important. Zweva distinguishes itself due to the close relationship between clients, users, design and production.


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